Wednesday, October 22, 2008


LOOK OUT, Dwight impersonation: "Question."

Okay, a question for the day. Ben and I are really bad at eating our leftovers lately. My work gets catering a lot for our meetings and then I usually bring home the leftovers. I'm particularlly picky about these things and I don't really like to eat it after a day or two of having it at home. Ben will usually eat it for the next few days. But the problem is that we end up with loads of gross, moldy leftovers in the fridge...yuck, then we have to take a garbage bag full to the dumpster for the cats to enjoy. Aren't we nice?
Anyway, back to my question. How long do you keep your leftovers before you become grossed out and won't eat them. Please take the poll to the left.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Welcome, Vilkomen, Bienvenidos, Bienvenue...

Hi everyone! I am officially transferring blogs. I have been with wordpress for some time now, but it seems that all my family are starting up their blogs here at blogspot, so I thought I'd better transfer myself! I'm excited to be linked to several people like Michelle (Sunshine) and Anika, and I'm pretty sure there's gotta be a few more cousins out there on blogspot. So here goes...
Make sure you check back for more updates from Ben and I. In the meantime please take the poll on the left side of the page, if only to satisfy my curiosity. Ben and I don't really have a "song" of our own, unless you count the infamous Saigon Kick song "Love is on the way" that we used in our video (which I happen to have posted at the bottom of this page for you amusement). So I got curious as to how many couples really have "a song", ya know? So, please add to the poll and we'll just wait and see the results!

Much love!

~Crystal Alvarez Schultz

P.S. If you want to check out the old blog at any time it will still be there, just go to