Monday, May 14, 2012

A favorite character

Milly rocks.
Milly rocks my socks.

If you've never seen Seven Brides for Seven Brothers you should see it. It's a favorite at our house, and especially one of Rowan's favorites.
My favorite thing about the movie is Milly. She is da-bomb.
She marries a guy she falls in love with, but barely knows and when he takes her up the mountain to his place it turns out that he is one of seven grown brothers that live at home, and their parents have passed on. So she has to cook/clean/care for seven 'scroungy' back-woodsmen with no manners and basically tricked into doing it.

Here is why Milly rocks:
She gets up to this house the day of her wedding and her new husband basically runs through the list of chores she's gonna be doing to take care of him and his six brothers. Mending, cooking, cleaning, chopping firewood, etc. After running the list he points her to the kitchen, tells her where to find water (and drag it in by the bucket), and tells her to ring when dinner is ready.
What would I have done? Probably gotten the water from 'down the path' and thrown it in his face. Hahahaha. But, I like what she did even better.
She took one look around in, possibly, a moment of self pity, then rolled up her sleeves and got to work. Wow. But just wait. One dinner is ready the men come in and slop all over it like animals and don't even say thank you. Well, rightfully so, she turns the table over on them, hehe.
Milly then goes up to her room to think. Then there's a scene where she and Adam (her husband) reconcile.
The next morning, did she ask him to drive her back to the town where she had a life she understood and was comfortable with, and not to mention, was respected? Nope. She got up super early and made tons of delicious food and took all the boys clothes and cleaned them. Then she shows the best example of taking charge I've ever seen, she tells the boys they can come and eat this delicious spread of food after they've cleaned up.
Not only did she take charge of her unfortunate situation, but she the first time she failed, or I should say had an outcome she didn't want, she TRIED AGAIN! Then the boys learned manners and became respectful and even would come to her for advice.
So, Milly rocks because when she was faced with a nasty situation she rolled up her sleeves and went to work to make it work! (Tim Gunn reference, absolutely) ;)
Milly never whined or complained about her issues, or went telling all her friends so they'd feel sorry for her. She acted like the strong woman she is and took matters into her own hands, and tried and tried again.
Milly rocks my socks. (phrase my friends and I invented while in high school) :)