Wednesday, April 13, 2011


New house. More room. Loving it all!

But there are still boxes to be unpacked/sorted :(

Lately my motivation has been that I want a crafting/decor-creating room, which will actually be in the guest bedroom. Of course, for now I will gladly share. But where are all the boxes right now? Bum, bum, bum....hiding in the guest bedroom. Darn.

To solidify my motivation I have determined that I will do NO creating/sewing/crafting 'till the boxes are all empty, or put in the proper place.

Here is my TO DO list before getting my "Creating Room" (that just fits me better than crafting room) all put together.

-Unpack boxes
-Sort through junk and add it to the growing pile of yard sale boxes.
-Have a yard sale
-Put up pictures and decorations (even if they're in temporary places)
-...And by now the dishes probably need to be done again, so we'll do that....THEN we can get a table for my sewing machine/creative work-table, and get going!!!

What's the first thing I'm gonna work on, or make once I've got my new space?? Well, here's the list so far:

-Make a new skirt that actually fits my large, pregnant bottom.
-New bed spread/duvet
-Clean the very large painting I salvaged from the trash (a real beauty of Paris)
-Make curtains
-Paint and glaze the little side table I got to put by the couch
-New throw pillows for the couch
-Possible window treatments

Then, I also have a folder of web-page bookmarks of lots of other stuff that I've seen around blogland that I want to make. Goodness...I better get unpacking. Wish me luck!