Monday, January 31, 2011

A Good Sabbath

Yesterday was a good Sunday :)

There were excellent talks in Sacrament Meeting at Church, about fellowship and reaching out, that really touched my heart.

Rowan was invited to nursery (even though she still has about a month to go in). So Ben and I accompanied and loved being there, especially at snack time *wink, wink*

Then Ben made delicious juicy pork chops for dinner, with onion and mushroom toppin's. I love that man!

And later on Rowan helped me make cookies for the first time ever! And she did great :D
She didn't even eat any of the cookie dough 'till after we were pretty much done putting them on the cookie sheet. But she got mad when I put them in the oven 'cause I think she still wanted to play with them, haha.

All in all, a great Sabbath with love, family and the Spirit of the Lord :)