Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sleeping Babe- yes? no?

Currently my child seems to be boycotting certain naps. :(
"Not a good idea, my child." I say to that. Makes Mama tired and crazy. And we don't like crazy Mamas around here.
Rowan's been a good sleeper since she was around 3 months old, and we trained her to be. It took a couple hard days, then she got it. Then I'd just put her down, place the blanket over her face, and off she went to lala land. *Sigh* Oh, those were the good times. She'd take a nap every 2-3 hours or so. Now....she gets testy, I put her down...maybe a little crying...15 mins, talk, talk (that's her)...go back in, tuck her in again...15 mins, talk, sing, talk...15 mins later...  You get the idea. In other words, no such luck napping like that anymore. Well, here's to a new schedule! We'll see how it goes.

Wake: 6:30 am
   (she does that on her own, I don't promote such an early morning for her, or me ;)

First nap: 7:30 am
   (will probably be short, but I can get ready for the day at least)

Second nap (here's the tricky part): Hopefully by 12 or 1 pm.
   (This is after much playing with her to try and wear her out. It may only last 1/2 hour or it could last 2, whatever it is I'll take it!)

Third nap: 5-6pm or 6-7pm
   (Not really sure how this one will work, but if I can run a lot of errands and tire her out I might get it, but that's wishful thinking. I may only be down to the two naps from now on.)

Bedtime: 8:30 pm
   (She always goes to bed at this time)

So, that's my plan for now. We are going to Utah next week, and I'm hoping she'll be really good about it. 'Cause it seems that whenever we go there and I wanna...*cough* show off how awesome she is *cough, cough* of course something goes on where she's not as awesome as she is at home, and I feel like a liar 'cause I tell everyone what a great sleeper she is and then, nada. So, I hope she'll be good! :)
Wish me luck!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Break!

For spring break (back in mid-March) Ben, Rowan, and I went to California to visit family! Here it is in pictures:

That was at Mark's Pinewood Derby, where he won 2nd Place!

Flying in Paul's hommade hot air balloon! I loved the numbers printed on the parachutes he used, just looked so cool. It was so fun flying high up there with nothing to guide you, but the wind. Crazy, but awesome! We were only in the air like 1 1/2 mins, but still awesome! We love visiting over there! Oh, and the tutu Mariah's wearing, and the Apron Grandma's wearing are both some of the Christmas presents I made. I hope they liked them as much as I had fun making them. :)