Monday, October 22, 2012

Veruticco Farm

Alyssa and I finally met up with our girls and had a fun play date at Veruticco Farm in Gilbert this morning! 
A fun barrel-train ride, a big bubble bouncy thing, farm animals, games and crafts, etc. Needless to say Addie, Rowan, and Mercedes had a blast! 

On the barrel-train ride around the farm.

Alyssa and Addie on the train :) 

 Mercedes and I riding together.

 An accidental picture, but I thought it looked kinda cool.

 Playing on the bubble-bouncy thing.


All three girls playing on the stacked tires...and in the dirt :) 

Birthday twins! Both born the same day. 

"I'm king of the mountain!" 

At the bounce house. Mercedes didn't want to go in, but Addie and Rowan loved it! 

Craft time, decorating pumpkins.  

Second time on the train was probably their favorite part.  


 Pumpkin head! <3 p="p">

Thanks Alyssa and Addie for coming with us. Sorry I didn't get more pictures of you two. I mostly took these to send to Ben, but I wish I had taken more now. :) We had a blast! Now, here's wishing for an early bedtime ;)