Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Perfect timing~

     Have you tried the Mormon Channel app yet? It's really wonderful :)
You can listen to scriptures, talks, or they have new episodes on various topics they put together everyday. Usually when I'm cleaning or driving or doing dishes I like to listen to something. I know my awesome sister-in-law loves to fall asleep listening to a good talk.

     Well, this evening while I was doing the dishes I found this gem, and it was just....well, perfect timing. All the things he mentioned were valid to the immediate time (political time). Of course to our day as well and a lot was just tailored to me and what I was looking for. 
So, I had first used the search tool and looked up "Instrument" on the Mormon Channel app and three Conference talk came up. This was the second one. And here are just some of the absolute jewels I found in his talk that spoke to me. But I urge everyone to read the whole thing! It's great!

"I have a friend who is a member of a political panel that is seen each week on national television. Explaining her role, she said, “We are encouraged to speak before thinking!” We appear to be living in an era in which many are speaking without thinking, encouraging emotional reactions rather than thoughtful responses. Whether it be on the national or international stage, in personal relations or in politics, at home or in the public forum, voices grow ever more strident, and giving and taking offense appear to be chosen rather than inadvertent."

     (This reminds me of some reality TV shows, all based around making drama)

"The first casualties of human wrath are truth and understanding. James counseled that we be “swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath: For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.”...Whether they be false friends or unrighteous teachers, artists or entertainers, commentators or letter writers to local newspapers, seekers of power or wealth, beware of those who stir us up to such anger that calm reflection and charitable feelings are suppressed."

"Have we who have taken upon us the name of Christ slipped unknowingly into patterns of slander, evil speaking, and bitter stereotyping? Have personal or partisan or business or religious differences been translated into a kind of demonizing of those of different views? Do we pause to understand the seemingly different positions of others and seek, where possible, common ground?"

     I feel that every one of God's children have their own troubles and burdens. Why tear another's spirit down by stereotyping and being impartial to others who have differences from us or our opinions? It just tears us down as well to talk and act that way. Even thought I have different opinions or political positions than many friends I feel that is no reason to not be friends! I love them all! 

"We need, as the Lord counseled, to uphold honest, wise, and good men and women wherever they are found and to recognize that there are “among all sects, parties, and denominations” those who are “kept from the truth [of the gospel] because they know not where to find it.” Would we hide that light because we have entered into the culture of slander, of stereotyping, of giving and seeking offense?"

     "seeking offense" Wow. Isn't that true of so many?!

"In this regard, the Lord has counseled in latter days that we “cease to find fault one with another” and “above all things, clothe [ourselves] with the bond of charity, as with a mantle, which is the bond of perfectness and peace.”

     Give, serve, and love everyone! 

"President George Albert Smith observed, “There is nothing in the world more deleterious or harmful to the human family than hatred, prejudice, suspicion, and the attitude that some people have toward their fellows, of unkindness.” 16 In matters of politics, he warned, “Whenever your politics cause you to speak unkindly of your brethren, know this, that you are upon dangerous ground.”

     The ones that stood out to me here were "suspicion" and "unkindess". They seem like such small things to so many people, but I have seen how it can in fact destroy lives and families. 
And the last line I want to reiterate: "Whenever your politics cause you to speak unkindly of your brethren, know this, that you are upon dangerous ground."

"President Gordon B. Hinckley, has counseled: “Now, there is much that we can and must do in these perilous times. We can give our opinions on the merit of the situation as we see it, but never let us become a party to words or works of evil concerning our brothers and sisters in various nations on one side or the other. Political differences never justify hatred or ill will. I hope that the Lord’s people may be at peace one with another during times of trouble, regardless of what loyalties they may have to different governments or parties.”

     We can give our opinions, but we shouldn't let evil into it. We shouldn't speak try to belittle, or use hatred of others with different opinions or positions, or even of different countries/nationalities/cultures. In my humble opinion we should be able to talk equally of different opinions without getting angry or frustrated. Hopefully everyone can try to bring an "open mind" to a discussion with peace in their hearts and not a single purpose of slandering or attempting to convert everyone to their own ideas or opinions. Because guess what, everyone thinks that they are the right one. 

I leave you with these two quotes that I think go nicely side by side:

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

"He that is convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still."
-Attributed to Benjamin Franklin and two others.

I hope that in this political season we can talk. All of us talk without being demeaning or trying to be hurtful or harsh. That we will be able to entertain thoughts and determine for ourselves if they are true or not without an instant shut down. I also hope we can use this for all of our different opinions, not just during election time ;)
And my greatest desire is to personally become so full of charity that I truly love every person I encounter! To find good things about each person I meet and to try and make them shine with their own self-worth. :)