Sunday, June 28, 2009

Let's catch up on some waves...

Thank goodness for of rest. I truly need it after the past couple weeks. Let me start with the weekend before last. Actually I'll just do a post about that, then I'll do one for this last week, 'cause this might get long :)

Lecith (my cousin) came down to visit her boyfriend Blake. We had spent some time visiting with them and on Friday they asked if Ben and I would like to go down to Blake's family's condo at Rocky Point and spend a day at the beach! Well, since poor Ben wasn't going to be able to come to my work's Convention this year at Laguna Beach we thought this would be a nice substitute.
So, Friday night Lecith, Blake, Ben and I drove the 4 hours to Rocky Point and made it there by around midnight. Most of us had taken turns sleeping on the way down (I don't know why we were all sooo exhausted!), but when we got there we were pretty awake so we watched "7 Pounds." Well, we all started the movie but everyone fell asleep or went to bed before it was over...except for me. I just couldn't fall asleep without knowing what was going on!! Plus baby girl was SUPER awake all that time and was doing those crazy movements that make it look like there's something trying to escape from my big belly! Interesting movie, I must say. Not my favorite, kinda sad, but a good one to watch at least once.

Anyway, the next day we went out for some traditional Mexican breakfast. I had chorizo w/eggs, tortillas and beans. Ben and Blake had breakfast burritos, and I can't remember exactly what Lecith had, I think the same as me. All Delicious! Ohhh, how I miss great traditional Mexican food :( Oh, and on the way out of the restaurant Ben bought some sunglasses from a street vendor. He loves, loves cheap sunglasses.
Then we went back to the resort/condo place, and headed down to the beach. It was such a nice day, fairly hot, but not too least not Arizona bad ;)
Ben and Blake went to find out how much the jet skis would cost, I think $90/hr for two. So, Lecith and Blake went back up to get the money while Ben and I stayed on the beach so he could buy MORE sunglasses! He ended up with 3 pair by the end of the trip. Haha...I did get one pair of white Dior knock-offs, and I really like them. We got the 3 pairs from the beach for $15, not bad.
When Lecith and Blake got back we hopped on the jet skis (yes, even 6 months pregnant 'ol me). Don't worry I took it pretty slow. Eventually we traded partners and Lecith hopped on with me while Ben and Blake went crazy on the other one. Oh, I wish we had gotten pictures, but we don't have a waterproof day.
After that we played in the pool for a little while and then went out for some tacos and shopping downtown. We had to leave by around 5 that day to get back for a birthday party, and time was getting short so we went over to Tio Reyel and Tia Leecha's condo to see if they were home and say hello. We chatted for a good while, and Tia Leecha gave us some of the most delicious pie she got from her Young Women. I think it was Cream Cheese, Sweetened Condensed Milk, and whipped topping??? I'm not sure on the 3rd ingredient, so maybe try it and let me know ;)
We chatted a little too long, and by the time we got going and then stopped for gas (oh and we had to stop at Thrifty for a little ice cream), it was pretty late when we really got on the road. So, I think we ended getting home around 11 pm, and of course we were "beexhausted" (in the words of Ben), from swimming and riding all day, and we just passed out when we got home.
It was an awesome trip, and we had TONS of fun. Thanks Blake and Lecith!!!!
Here are the few pics we did take:

Haha, I didn't notice that Lecith and Blake have patterns and Ben and I are solids. That's cute.
View from the condo.

On the balcony.
Getting some Tacos, yumm...
Blake and Lecith...oh how cute!!!