Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Update on the pregnancy:

On Monday we went to see Janice (our Midwife) and have our monthly visit. She asked if I felt the baby yet, and I told her I'd felt the little nudges, and how Ben was sad 'cause he couldn't feel it yet. Janice said that it would be about 4 more weeks before he'd feel any kicks. I guess the feet are about an inch long, or so, right now, and in 4 more weeks they'll about double in size. And the baby will be bigger and stronger so the kicks will be hard enough that he can feel too. Hmm...poor mommy, huh? Just getting kicked around ;)

Then I brought up the labor process, 'cause we hadn't really talked about it yet. I asked how many people are on her team. She said that really it's just her there, then the labor nurse, and some other nurse (from the hospital). They'll be there checking up on me during the process, but Janice does all the baby's "coming out party" though.
She said it would be good if we got a labor tub (for the contractions and relaxation, also because of my back injury from many moons before). At this point I was getting really excited. I don't know why, but the actual birth part is so exciting to me, like it's the main event! It's kinda like going to see a movie, I love watching the previews, that's fun, but the really exciting part is the actual movie you're going to see. Haha, kind of a funny analogy.
So, she asked who'd be there, and what kind of birth I was planning on. I kinda shouted out "Natural!", maybe 'cause I was already so excited. She described the different things I can do to prepare for natural birth, like the Bradley method class, and hypnobirthing, stuff like that. We'll see about all that stuff later, I'm not in a rush to make a decision, plus I already feel pretty in tune to myself and body, and...well, I guess we'll just see later. So, that was the fun appointment!

Also, one week from today we're getting the ultra-sound done, so then we'll finally know what we're having!!!

I don't know why, but I keep sub-consciously calling baby a "he", which is weird 'cause for the longest time I felt like it was going to be a girl. But when I was really sick, I kept telling Ben "This baby must be a boy. Only a boy would cause me so much trouble." ;)
So, of course now I have no idea and don't trust myself to know, but I am leaning towards a boy more now. Place your bets!