Friday, January 15, 2010

Unexpected Christmas Gift

While we were in Utah with my parents for Christmas I recieved the most awesome unexpected gift! FABRIC!!!
My Mom and I had been walking through WalMart, and I stopped to look at fabic, 'cause their WalMarts have way more and for way better prices than in AZ. But I didn't want to get any right then.
When we got back to the house my Mom pulled out a huge tub of old fabric and scraps that she'd been keeping. Actually almost all of it we bought because though my teen and even pre-teen years I was planning on making stuff with it, but never ended up doing it. So, she told me that I would most likely use it now so I should take what I wanted!!! Yipee!
Look at all this goodness! :D

How cute it this?! They are cut-out fleece teddy bears!
You just sew the two pieces together and stuff it, like a pillow. Fun!

And Check out all the patterns she gave me too. Some of them I used when I was younger.

Check out these two on the right. My Mom got these for my siblings back in like the late 70's or 80's.

I love look'n back at these oldy styles.

And here's my favorite, the one in the middle, so cute! I can't wait to make this for Rowan when she gets a little bigger. But of course I'll put my own little fashion twist on it ;)

Oh and that cute sun and moon denim that was underneath all the
rest of the fabric...yeah I've got great plans for that! Can't wait to show you!