Tuesday, July 21, 2009

After baby comes I...

Things that I'm looking forward to after the baby comes, and that will help me push through labor:

Wearing clothes that fit.

Wearing clothes I like.

Not having a constant jabbing in my ribs.

Going hiking, or going anywhere farther than my car without getting out of breath.

Hiking the Subway next spring, and being able to get in shape for it prior to going.

Wearing high heels.

Bending over.

Being able to take a bath with the water covering my whole body and not having a giant belly jutting out getting cold.


Loosing my water weight (not to mention baby weight).

Sleeping in any position I like without pain :)

Being able to look down and see my feet.

Being able to put my book in my lap and read it, or on my belly without it getting kicked around.

And of course the best and biggest reasons:

I'll have an adorable baby to take care of and love (What? Me a Mom?? That's right :)

I get to see her everyday, feed her, clean her, dress her, and love her.

I get to see Ben be a cute new Daddy (so excited about that!).

I can't wait to share loving her with family and friends and letting them love her too!

Being a stay at home Mom, and that includes seeing her grow and develop each and everyday 'cause I'll be there! :D

Things that I will miss about being pregnant:

Seeing her squirm around in my belly.

The feeling of her squirming around in my belly.

The connected feeling I have with her, kinda like...I can feel what she's like, personality-wise, and she kinda keeps me company (sounds weird I know).

Yeah, I think that's all I'll miss about being pregnant, not much there. ;)

Overall, I really want to meet her face to face and carry her in my arms. As well as I want to wear my favorite t-shirt again (that doesn't fit me right now).