Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So, the other day Ben asked me...

"Did you blog about California yet?" I guess he's getting in on the bloggness (new word, try it ;)

So obviously I need to blog about California! I totally forgot. I forget a lot of things these days...more than you could know.

The Friday before Memorial Day we drove to California and spent time with Ben's family. Can you believe they put up with us for a whole week?! I know. They're awesome. We had so much fun.

Some of our adventures included a girl's night to go and see "Letters to Juliet". It was really cute. Yeah, kinda cheesy, but still pretty cute. Then Rebecca (Ben's younger sister), Dione (niece ((and I hope I spelled that right))), and I went thrift shopping. It was a first time for the girls, and they loved it! I couldn't believe they'd never been before! We found all sorts of treasures, and had a blast trying on cute clothes and some really silly outfits. Hahaha.

One day we drove up to Atwater, which is about 3 hours north of Rosamond, to see Ben's Grandma.

We had a really good time chatting and catching up. It was the first time she met Rowan, and she said that Rowan had "the most perfectly shaped head". We think so too. We also saw Ben's uncle Aaron while we were up there, and he took Rebecca on her first ride on a motorcycle. I think she may be hooked now.
Oh, and something really funny...well, we didn't bring anything for Rowan to take a nap in while we were there (like a pac n'play). And we couldn't put her on the bed, 'cause she'd crawl off. So, we made a little fort of pillows with no roof, in the study. It was next to the corner of a sectional couch, so two sides were couch, and two were layered pillows, then one little pillow in a corner to secure it. Well, she cried for a little while after we put her down in her "fort". Then she was quiet. We went in the kitchen to eat lunch, then suddenly the door to the study starts opening. Rowan, on hands and knees, peeks out all timid, like she's trying to be sneaky and got caught. Lol! We looked at the little fort, and she had kicked out that little corner pillow and snuck through the crack. Silly girl.

Most of the time we were there Ben and his brother Joe worked on making a recut trailer for IT the movie. Wow, we got so sick of hearing the theme music they were using, over and over and over...and over again. But it really turned out great! If you've ever seen the movie IT, you'll think it's funny. If you haven't seen the movie, watch the trailer anyway, it may just make you wanna watch the movie. WARNING: Don't. It's scary.

Here's the trailer they made:

Gotta love clowns.

Also, while we were in California we also got to see Bremen and Andrea, and their kids! They've been living near the East coast for years now, and the last time we saw them was at our wedding. So, they met Rowan for the first time, and we got to meet Van for the first time. Van is their baby that is a few weeks younger than Rowan. We sure had a good time. And we're SO glad they've moved back to California!
What else happened out there? Oh yes, Joe took us down "The musical road", it felt like we were in the Wizard of Oz or something. Check it out:

We also had a nice talent show on Sunday night. With skits, songs, dancing, etc. Here's a few videos for you to enjoy, we sure did!

"What's More American?" song:

Tongue Tied kids:

Joe's own composition, played with just two pencils! Sorry it's not the whole song, and in two parts, but my camera was dying...then died.

Obviously we had a great time.
Rebecca and I also spent time refashioning some clothes that she had. And who didn't take any pictures? Me. Yup. Oops, sorry. Still, we had a good time.

We had such a blast. Well, sorry for the novel. Hopefully the awesome videos made up for the increased length. ;)