Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Busy Bee...

Thursday was opening night for "The King and I." It was so exciting, and we had an awesome audience! I'm never nervous to perform (especially since I don't have any solos), but I was always worrying about my costume changes. During the Ballet (Uncle Tom's cabin), I have insanely quick costume changes so the first night I went out with a hat missing or different things, but still no one seemed to notice, phew... Friday night was probably our best audience so far. They were laughing at everything and clapping along with the "Shall We Dance" song, it was great! Saturday we had a matinee and then an evening performance, but since we had been rehearsing all week, and then performing so much, I have to say Saturday was probably our least energetic performance so far 'cause we were all so tired. Still, it was great and lots of fun!

After I had started to get sick from the pregnancy I kept thinking that I might have to quit the play, but I felt that for some reason I should keep going and now I'm so glad that I did. Not only is it great for me to make new friends and have other people to associate with, but it's great for the exercise. Since it's in the evenings I'm already feeling better from the morning sickness, and I think the exercise helps my body feel less sickly. Anyway, it's been a good thing for me to do and it's so rewarding. I think my favorite part of the whole performance is during the curtain call when The King and Anna come out to take their bows and I see many people just jump out of their seats to give them a standing ovation. That's when I know that they really loved it and had a good time.

I'm glad rehearsals are over so that I can have more evenings at home and not be quite so busy. Also, so that I can go back to mutual with my Young Women, I've missed them terribly.

An update on the pregnancy:
Last week we got to hear the baby's HEARTBEAT!!! It was so neat! For a while the Doctor was using her little heartbeat-finder tool and could only get mine, I started to think "Great, she won't be able to find it and I'll have to wait another month to hear it." But, then she did find it!!! It's great because it's like the proof that there's really a little baby in there and I haven't just had the flu for the past month. After we left the doctor's office Ben and I thought, why didn't we record it on our phones? Then I could've blogged it. Oh well, next time.

My newest pregnancy discovery: This is something that Mom had mentioned, but I wasn't sure if it was true for me or not. Today I was on the couch concentrating on not feeling nauseated. Sometimes it's really frustrating 'cause it's like you're walking on the edge of a sword and one wrong thought might make you sick and you'll fall right off the edge. Well, I had been concentrating and decided that I was going to try and take my mind off of it by playing on my computer, and it worked. It's probably a very simple and obvious concept, but when you're sick like that you just worry and worry that if you do anything wrong you'll go over the edge and not make it back. So, that's my latest discovery. Oh and Jamba Juice is great when you're pregnant!

Well, that's it for now. If anyone is in town please come and see the play, it's so much fun.