Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ready or not, here I come....found you!

I feel like I've been playing "hide-and-seek" with blogging for a while now. It's been...phew, too long! I kept thinking that if I wrote on my blog that'd mean that I would have to read up on all the blogs I follow, and that would be THOUSANDS of new posts. Not gonna happen. I think I'll just go see what a few people have been up to and keep it simple. K, blogger, you found me, and I'm back ;)

SO, what have we been up to for the last month or two? Well the big news is that we now have a 1 year old child in the house. Yep, Rowan had a birthday! First here's some of her one-year pictures we had taken by our friend Leigh Root. If you need a good photographer give her a call, she's amazing and affordable too :)

And here's some of her birthday pictures. We didn't really take any good pictures, sorry. We were just too busy enjoying the moment. AND we forgot to take pictures of Dad, Mom and Tiffani. They were so incredibly awesome to come out and celebrate with us. Love you!

Rowan's first birthday cake! I'm pretty proud of how it turned out :)

I made her 'smash' cake too. Perfect size for her.

 At first she just took a crumb at a time (such a lady ;) 
Later she started taking chunks.

That's my happy birthday girl!
On the left she's getting washed off after all the cake. 
On the right is the next day (her actual birthday) unwrapping presents! She was good at it.

Other than that, there's not much happening with us. Ben started school, and is working. I'm a stay-at-home Mama that's just wondering why no one warned me about the Terrible One's? Or maybe Rowan's one of those kids that likes to act older than her age and we just shot straight to the Terrible Two's? Who knows. But she's still a lot of fun.

Just so that I can remember these things later I'm gonna list some of her traits and skills she has right now:
  • Rowan talks A LOT! But we have no idea what she's saying. She talks with all sorts of intonations, and sometimes I think she believes that she's really talking with me, but I usually just say "Yeah, really?"
  • On her actual birthday (Sept. 5) Rowan stood up and stayed standing on her own for the first time without anything to balance her.
  • Maybe a week or two before her birthday she started walking/running/leaping from Ben to me and back.
  • Just today she started to walk across the room with no viewable objective in sight, just walking to walk. She went pretty far, steadied herself, then walked a little more and fell over. (she might've just sat down on purpose)
  • She does the sign language sign for "more," and she shakes her head for "no."
  • She also understands sign language for "changing diaper" and the international sign for "no" wagging my finger ;)
  • She understands quite a bit of Spanish too. Words like, 'quieres', 'mas', 'besito', 'vente'.
  • She crawls on anything she can.
  • She will thoroughly examine something new by flipping it over and over, and checking it all out before it goes in her mouth. 
  • She currently has a taste for wood and cardboard. Which we're trying to discourage.
  • She's not very picky. She'll taste anything and usually eat it. Especially if we're eating it then she really wants some. 
  • She loves the water.
  • She loves dirt. Water is much better after the dirt ;)
  • When music plays on some of her toys she'll try to hum with it. So cute!
  • She likes to get into trouble too.
  • She's very sociable. She LOVES playing with other children. The other day she was playing with the neighbor boy (that's her age) and he was walk/running around our apartment and she was chasing him while 'monkey crawling'. They were both laughing a lot, it was so precious. :)
  • She's a Daddy's girl. She gets so excited and squeals when Daddy comes home, and always wants him to hold her and feed her. :)
Love that girl!