Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's that time again!

Wow, so by one vote the outcome of Would You Rather Wednesday, from last week, was that the majority would rather LIVE FOREVER! I can see the appeal. I myself voted for die tomorrow, things are just getting too crazy around here. But then again I see Angie's (I mean Sept's) point, that you could go and see the whole world and have unlimitless time to do anything you ever wanted. Then I wonder if I really would do all of that though. If I don't do it now (supposedly), would I do it with more time on my hands, or just do the same thing I'm doing now for FOREVER? I don't know? A good debate I think.

SO, for this week I thought I'd make it a little more crazy. Yeah, it's kinda gross I guess, but I really wonder which would you choose. And I know what you're thinking, but YES you have to choose, haha.

Would you rather:

a) Lick a toilet seat
b) Chew on a piece of used gum

Details: The toilet seat could be any random toilet seat (no, it's not yours right after you cleaned it). And the gum is any random piece of gum, like one off of this wall here (below) that my brother Robert seemed to enjoy ;)

And if you would, please add a comment as to why you choose which option, I'm DYING of curiosity!

Poll to the right. Thank you and happy voting!