Monday, October 17, 2011

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.”

I know that I haven't posted or even finished my summer adventures part 3, but this couldn't wait.

My incredibly awesome, talented and inspiring friend Holly wrote a post on her blog referencing this post (CLICK HERE) from the Brave Girl's blog.

So, first you need to click ^ up there and read it. Really, go on. Read it. It will change your life!

For Holly's post CLICK HERE. She is a woman full of wisdom and ambition, and you should totally check out her blog.

I'm so grateful to Holly for sharing that link, and for Melody especially for sharing that story! For as long as I can remember my parents have well taught me to always give the benefit of the doubt. If someone was speeding past my Mother's car on the freeway she might say, "They're in a hurry. Maybe someone is about to have a baby." And I might say "Or their friend is in trouble." And it sometimes even became a game to come up with the most creative reason/excuse for their behavior. I've kept that with me for a long time, especially because it helps me feel better and not so judged by assuming that if I give others the benefit of the doubt in my mind, they will extend the same courtesy to me. Even if I might not deserve it. But I still need to work on it more. I'm still super far from perfect.

Here was my fault and problem though. I might have done that for almost everyone, but perhaps not for the most important people. My own small family.

As I read Melody's post I imagined my two year old daughter having a sign around her neck saying "I'm trying my best" or "I throw things because I'm frustrated and I can't even communicate that to you because I don't know all my words yet."

*Here come the tears rolling*

I was at fault in thinking that I knew and understood everything that my little family was going through because I'm here day after day, seeing it all. But I don't feel what Ben or Rowan or Mercedes feels. I can guess, but I (or anyone) never know how things effect others. For everyone it is different.

I need/want/must remember to be more patient, to not assume, and to 'see past what it seems' for my family and everyone else as well.

If everyone would encourage instead of criticize. Ask themselves "How can I help that person?" instead of forming an opinion about them, wouldn't that be the start of a perfect world?