Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm Walk'n on Sunshine!

And don't it feel good!

On Saturday afternoon, while Ben and I were racing eachother to the finish line on Mario Cart (yep, we're still kids at heart), I turned to Ben and said "It's such a nice day! Let go on a picnic!"
So we did. :)

We packed a lunch, grabbed the sunscreen (which we forgot to use), and the pumpkin (aka: Rowan).
We went out towards the lake but stopped at a river spot with lots and lots of clovers (or something like clovers. And had the most wonderful, relaxing, sunfilled time!

Rowan getting ready to go. Hat and all!

Look at all the green! Perfect for the fast approaching St. Paddy's day ;)

 Here's Rowan after lunch. What a mess, little piggy. Haha!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture!

She's laughing 'cause I'm tickling her by munching on her side. Haha, so cute!

Our Little Angel in all the green...

eating plants...yum! They're not poisonous, right? ;)


And that's it for pictures. We had a blast, and plan to go on many more picnics!