Sunday, March 6, 2011

A new house!!!

We have officially moved!
We are now renting a home in North Mesa. It was the first one we saw when we were looking for a new place to live and didn't realize how totally amazing was 'till we saw some others that were seriously T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E! I even found bullet holes in the windows of one of the houses we went to see. That was an instant NO. When we realized that this house was so awesome, we called and someone had already put in an application :(
Then they called us the next day and said if we were still interested we could apply, since the first applicant was being flaky. We were approved the next week!

It has been a much smoother move than the last time we moved (and we had less stuff then and no baby girl), for 2 big reasons.
#1 - We have had 9 days to move as opposed to the 2 or 3 we had last time.
#2 - My incredible parents!!! Mom drove down 2 weeks ago and helped me get started packing, but really she did most of it. She's an amazing organizer and busy body, so she really helped me get motivated to get it done. Rowan and I went back to Utah with her for a fun filled week, then Dad brought us back home and has been here all week just helping us move stuff! I feel bad though that we never really got to go do something fun with them, and kept them busy the whole time. Still they were a HUGE help!
Dad just left today, and I'm sure Rowan is already bored with us since she's had so much family attention lately.

Despite moving I'm just grateful I've survived this week. For the last month or so I've been having intense allergies, so I'm sneezing and sniffling all the time. But when we got back from Utah I felt like it was much harder to breath and so a few nights ago around midnight I drove myself to the hospital and they gave me a breathing treatment. They said it was probably a respiratory infection and mild bronchitis. They also prescribed me a an inhaler. Phew, what a relief it was to breath! Well, to be honest I'm still working on it since I'm coughing a lot, but it's much better than it was before. That was an incredibly long night. I didn't get home 'till around 4 am. But I had an awesome encounter while at the hospital.

While there I met Barbara. We sat next to each other in the waiting room and ended up a partition away from each other when we were taken back to talk with the doctor. Since we were waiting...and waiting...and waiting for so long we started chatting. We talked about random things at first: my due date, baby names...but then it turned into a conversation about the family. Not mine or hers, just the family in general. I was pretty sure she was not of my faith, and since those of my faith are usually the only ones that share my beliefs and fervor for protecting the sanctity of the family, I was given a renewed hope in society from meeting her and seeing her positive outlook and support for THE FAMILY.

So with being 22 weeks pregnant, the SPD making it hard to walk, and the allergies, and the bronchitis, and the crazy toddler, while moving everything....I'm pleased to say I've made it successfully to the end of the week, and today has been a great day of rest! There's still cleaning to do at the apartment and all the unpacking, so wish me luck! I keep being told that I need to ask people to come help me, but I must have a pride issue or something 'cause I hate asking people for help and worrying that I'll be an inconvenience. So we'll see how it goes this week.

Thanks again Mom and Dad! You're the best!
And to everyone that helped us move, thank you too :)