Sunday, February 8, 2009


Yep, that's right, we're expecting our very first baby around September 13th!!! Ben and I are so very excited. We keep talking about names that we love (no I won't post them...that's dangerous, jk ;) and what it'll be like to have our very own child. Even though the morning sickness has been just aweful for the past 3 weeks or so, it still doesn't quite feel real. Like, I know that I'm pregnant, and the doctor said it's true, but I think that until I get that cute little bump or feel it move around for the first time that's when I'll really feel that it's all real.
So far the things that have been keeping my stomach somewhat manageable through this intense sickness have been: limes, just sucking on them even though they're aweful for the teeth; Simply Orange Juice, this stuff has so much flavor that it makes taking the Zofran bareable (Zofran is the medicine I take about once a day, really intense, but a nasty flavor while it's dissolving under your tongue.); Ginger Ale on ice, the ginger supposedly helps with all nausea, but it's great to just have with me all day and just sip on.
Most of the time I just eat whatever take out sounds like it will stay down at the time. It can be anything from Olive Garden's soup, to Filiberto's tacos, to Church's mac and cheese or mashed potatoes. But I better not talk about any more food, or I might make myself sick. Well, I'll keep you updated on what's going on, and maybe any advice I come across for those that are also pregnant.
Oh, and congrats to my sister in law Andrea who is also pregnant (with her 4th) and due about the same time as me. I'm glad we're kind of close together because then our babies will be great friends and cousins :)