Monday, July 13, 2009

To Doula, or not to Doula?

Wow, this picture makes me feel so much better about myself :D


Since the time of "baby delivery" is drawing near, and I want to be all prepared, and I would like to get some input from you. I guess in my mind I thought that my midwife would be there from when I started labor 'till the end, but in reality she only gets there when I get to the hospital. Which is still a long time, since they are there for all the more intense labor and of course the delivery, but I've been thinking about possibly getting a Doula. A Doula is like a labor coach, someone who knows all about pregnancy and delivery, the good signs and the bad signs, etc. They know the positions and things to do to make you more comfortable during the first round of labor pains into the rest of labor. They help the Dad know what kind of massages and things he can do to help. I guess you meet with them 2 or 3 times before you go into labor and then they are there for the ENTIRE labor from when you first start feeling it at home. I'm probably not making sense. Okay, for a better definition click here.

One of the main reasons that I want a Doula is that I would like to be in the hospital for as little time as possible. I'm not a big fan of hospitals and especially the way women in labor tend to be rushed through the process when they're there. Well, they can't exactly rush me when I'm not going to accept any drugs so, I guess that's moot, but still I don't like being there all the same. So, I would like to labor at home as much as possible, and then get there and just be ready to deliver! If that's possible...I did see it on one episode of "Deliver Me" that was on youtube. I've watched a lot of natural births on youtube now, and a lot of them tend to have Doula's, unless they're birthing at home, then they just used a midwife.

What I'd really love is to give birth in a birthing center (much more comfortable, and you don't have to clean it later ;), but sadly the closest one is in Tucson. Ohhhhh... :(

I've only known one other person that has used a Doula, so I just don't know if I really need one since Mom and Michelle will be there too, but at the same time...gah, I don't know. So, what do you know of Doula's and what's your opinion on them? If you had one, did you find it helpful? The statistics are pretty awesome, see them here. I'm all for shorter labor!!!

Anyway, let me know you're opinion, or what you've heard. I'm just trying to get as much info as I can, while I can ;)