Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy One Month, baby girl!

Okay, I lied...a little. In my last post I said that Rowan was one month, well...that wasn't completely true. She was 4 weeks old that day, and she actually turned one month on the 5th, so Monday. But I wanted to share a few things that I love about this precious girl all the same.

First, I know everyone thinks that their own baby is adorable, so of course I do too! She is truly precious! Rowan has the most perfect little features, cute lips, nose, eyes, and eyelashes (which just stared to get a little darker and more visible). She has adorable strawberry blond hair, and of course I just love her tiny little body altogether. :)

Ben and I are just so in love with her little sounds. Every time she coos, coughs, sneezes, even when she's upset and makes mad little sounds, they're just great!

I love tiny feet.
Tiny hands, fingers, and toes.
Soft skin.

I especially love to see the way that she loves us. It's a strange and beautiful thing to watch a newborn express love. It's impossible to describe. I can sense it and feel it from her, especially in her recognition of my voice. I love that. I especially LOVE to see her love Ben. You might not notice at first, but she does act different with him. Not a whole lot, but I can see a different pattern in her behaviors when he holds her, and I can tell that she loves him so much.

I love the way she acts when she's in the water. It's almost like she's mesmerized. She becomes very calm and almost curious. She'll just stare wide-eyed, but with a content look on her face, and she seems very happy. :)

I love that she looks cute in everything I put on her.
I love how much she looks like a little doll when she's got a little bow on her head.

She's also a somewhat hearty baby, not that she's fat at all, but she just seems very well put together and like she would be able to withstand a lot. I don't know if that makes sense.

I love watching her grow, but I really hate it too. Every time I notice growth I'm ecstatic, but then I get so sad because I know that she won't stay my small baby forever. And even though I'm enjoying every moment of it, I know that there still won't be enough moments for me. I'll want more and more and she'll just never stop growing. But I'm still excited to see her sit up, to talk, to crawl, to show excitement for the new things that she'll discover every new day. Also, I can't wait to have a girl in the home that I can ask fashionable questions to (like about jewelry), 'cause Ben's not a whole lot of help in that department, though he's a huge help in others! I can't wait, and yet I want to hold time back all the same. Bittersweet I guess, it's life.

I just love this little girl.