Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Family and celebrities

Recently Ben and I rented "The Proposal", and it reminded me of the fact that Sandra Bullock always reminds me of Michelle, my sister. It's not just looks, of course they're both gorgeous, but the way she talks and certain movements, etc. Come to think of it almost all my family have a celebrity that reminds me of them. Will Smith reminds me of my brother Robert. They're both cool and funny, but serious too...and dashing dressers. Scott Baio (aka: Charles in Charge) reminded me of my brother Mike, but only as Charles in Charge. Maybe it's because they both always had nice dark, thick hair, and great surprising smiles. What's funny is that Robert's name is Roberto Carlos and we used to call him Charlie...well, many still do, but anyway, we'd always say that he was 'Charles in Charge', so it's a bit ironic. Then there's Bill Cosby who has always made me think of my Dad. They're both really funny and they do have some features that make them look me anyway. And I always remember watching the Cosby Show when I was younger with my Dad, then that makes me think of all the shows we used to watch when I was a child: Cheers, The Cosby Show, eventually Home Improvement and others. Then there's my Mama. Mom actually doesn't have a celebrity that reminds me of her. I guess she's just so wonderfully unique that there's no one like her. Well, judge the pictures yourself and tell me if you can see any resemblance. ;)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Baby Einstein

Hooray for Baby Einstein! It actually keeps Rowan entertained for at least 20 minutes, and I love it! Since we got back from California last Sunday she's been acting rather off. She cries all the time and sleeps much shorter periods. It's hard to get anything done at all! And I'm in the middle of trying to get jewelry made to sell on I thought she was too young for the DVDs, but while she was crying and nothing was working I figured "why not try it?" Well, I did and she actually likes it. Especially when they show the shiney objects...I guess she's like a racoon in that way ;) Anyway, I'm so glad that at least for a little while I can get some jewelry made or some laundry done. :D