Wednesday, March 21, 2012

.Unexpected blessings.

Since Rowan has been sleeping in our bed...I almost said "my bed" since Ben has been sleeping elsewhere because an adorable munchikin has taken his spot...I have noticed some unexpected good things that have come from this little difficulty.

Yes, Rowan is still in our bed. Bad, bad, bad. I KNOW! But I now have a plan that I finally feel right about. I'm just looking to get a new bed for her first and then execute it. :) Honestly, for a while I just didn't feel like it was the right time to move her back to her room, and I'm sure it was so we could have the benefit of some of these blessings. 

Here are some of the blessings I've noticed:

1. If Rowan falls asleep somewhere, mainly the car, she won't wake up (or at least not stay awake) if we try to move her. Very, very convenient!
2. It has been so nice to cuddle with Rowan at night to put her to sleep. Her and I have been on some rough ground since the holidays and I think it was a well-designed blessing to have her sleeping in my bed while we were going through that. That way we had some time together that wasn't stressful. I really think we've gotten closer to each other, and developed more peace from this experience.
3. Rowan can sleep through most of Mercedes' crying and chatting at night now. At first I was worried at every little sound Mercedes made, afraid it would wake Rowan, but she's sleeps through it. That was something I was worried would bother Rowan if they shared a room, but now I can put that worry to rest.

There's more, but my head is kind of foggy today and I can't remember the rest right now. But I love how there is always something good that can come from something bad or difficult.