Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"You're just like a Love Story"

So, the other night Ben and I had a funny experience while we were at the pool (trying to get my feet to go down in swelling). There were a few people there that were drinking and being quite loud, so we decided to go over to the hot tub and kind of go away from them. (And no, I was not in the hot tub...I'm at least smart enough to know that you don't do that when pregnant...;) Ben got in, and I just put my feet in to keep warm.
Anyway, two of the ladies (one older and one younger), and one of their daughters (like 12 yrs old) came over to the hot tub with their drinks (and no, the 12 year old didn't have a drink). They noticed that I was pregnant and asked the usual "How much longer?", "Is it a boy or a girl?" all that good stuff. This was the following conversation that ensued:
Her (to me): "Is it your first?"
Me: "Yep :)"
Her (turning to Ben): "Is it your first?"
Ben looks at me and says: "Well, yes. We're married."
Her (Out of no where she asks): "So, do you two go to church?"
Me: "Yes, we do."
Her: "What church?"
Ben: "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints"
Her: "Oh, Mormons, right?"
Us: "Yep :)"
Her: "So, is it true that you guys don't drink or smoke, or any of that?"
Ben: "Well, yeah."
Other older lady: "Wow, that's great. I smoke and some days I wake up and wish that I could quit, but it's just too hard, 'cause it's so addicting. I know my kids won't smoke though 'cause they really hate that I smoke. I'd like to think that they won't drink either (as she takes another sip of vodka; 12 year old doesn't say anything)."
Younger lady: "So, you really don't drink coffee?"
Ben: "No, we don't."
Younger lady: "Then what do you drink??? Like tea or something?"
Ben smiles (I hold back a giggle) "Well, we don't drink green tea or black tea."
Me: "Herbal tea sometimes."
Ben: "Mainly just water and juice."
Older lady: "Wow."
Younger lady smiles and says: "I hope everything goes really well for you guys, I really do. Wow, (turning to me) you're so cute pregnant, (turning to older lady) look at her she's just glowing!" (Older lady smiles and they giggle together. Ben and I smile at each other)
Older lady: "You know you're just like a love story from a movie. My daughter (points to 12 year old, who looks down kinda embarrassed to be mentioned) loves those kinds of movies and stories. I like 'em too!"
Us (smiling): "Well, thanks. We're very happy."

Then we wished them well and went home to bed. They were nice people.

It's true what they said though. We are living a love story, the best one ever written. Ben and I are so in love, and of course every marriage has it's days, but I always feel like those days are made up for 100 times by all the great days that we have together and the intense love that we share. No matter where we go, or what we're doing, we always have fun together and really enjoy each other's company! He's just so perfect for me, and we're such a match. Ben I love you so much! I'm really looking forward to continuing our love story and happy ending...I mean happy forever!!! I love you!


P.S.- Thank you again Jessica May for the amazing bridals (see picture at the top), if you need pictures or an amazing custom wedding gown (like mine :) check her out here.
P.P.S- I love your latest gown (Courtney), amazing!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kicks, punches, and shin splints

First off, I have to tell you that we decided (mostly) on a name for baby girl!
Rowan Schultz
Cute, huh? And please don't steal it if you're due before me ;)
We're still working on a middle name, but that's the name we like and we're stick'n with it...unless we change our minds later, but I don't think we will.

So, lately baby Rowan has been going CRAZY inside me! Nearly all day I feel her kicking and shoving. My belly looks like I have an alien inside trying to get out. I guess I kinda do though, jk. But it's fun to feel her moving about. I do have the shin splint thing going on now and then, which is weird 'cause I've never had them before in my life, but you know the PS (pregnancy syndrome) causes the strangest things.

So, I need some advice: my very, very good friend (who is the kindest person alive) just had a birthday. She's super sweet and is always thinking of me and getting me little things, but now I have no idea what to get her!!! The things that she likes, she usually buys herself, so I can't get her one of those things. I wanna give her something unique or special, but I'm not sure what. Any ideas??