Saturday, June 5, 2010

Keep'n up with the...Schultz

I was writing to our Taylor family newsletter, and thought "Hey, I'll just put this in the blog!" Maybe I'll add a photo or two. We'll see.

Dear Family friends,
We hope you are all doing fantastic!
We just returned from a week long stay in California with Ben's family. We had a blast! We didn't do any of those "California-things-to-do", like six flags or disneyland, but had a blast just being with family! It's funny how that connection can mean the world, and create such a fun atmosphere. While we were there Ben's Mom and I were talking about talent shows, and I said that when our family gets together we almost always end up doing a spontaneous talent show, and it's so fun! She said that her family did that when she was growing up too. So we organized one for us to do that weekend. It was so much fun! There were songs sung, piano played, skits and dances performed, and Rowan crawled for everyone as her talent. ;)
Speaking of Rowan, she is incredibly fast now! She's been crawling for a while, and has now developed speed. She also likes to try and climb up things, or at least climb 'till she's in a standing position. She's so very active, and I love it! Our little angel is also very interactive. She talks and sings all the time, and nice and loud. I think people in the grocery store must think I'm crazy 'cause sometimes she'll hold out a long note and I'll start holding out one too with her but at a crazy pitch so we just sound so funny. She seems to like it though, so the cashiers can laugh at me if they want to. She's now eating more solid like foods, like those baby puffs/cracker things. And she loves trying to get us to let her eat off our plates, in which she always succeeds. If we sit on the couch with a plate of food, she'll crawl over, sit up, then open and close her mouth, while giving us big puppy eyes. It's hilarious, I wish you could see it. She loves veggies, and bread especially, but will pretty much eat anything.
Anyway, enough about that. Ben starts a new job on Monday with a debt consolidating company. We hope that will be a good job for him for the summer, and possibly through the fall. Other than that, we're just busy doing the "life" thing. Which we love entirely. We have been incredibly blessed, and we are so grateful.
We are also grateful for all of you, you are blessings to us, and we pray for your well being. Love you so much,

~Ben, Crystal and Rowan Schultz

I am also grateful for all of you! It's so nice to know that there are actually REAL people out there that take a look into our crazy little corner of cyber-space. Thank you, you're awesome! Now for some pictures.

Rowan the DJ

Okay, we don't normally abuse her like that. She usually likes it. But it was past bedtime, and Ben was just trying to keep her happy while I changed her diaper. Lol, is it bad that I think that video is hilarious?

I didn't know the video in the background was so loud. Oops. Well, let's see who can finish the song off in a comment without cheating? Hmm?