Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sickly Sweet

It all started with Carb Night Indulging!

I was ready. I had been dreaming of the sweets I was going to enjoy yesterday night all the previous week.
While at Walmart on Saturday night I went ahead and bought a Gooey Butter Cake to save for my special carb night. Every day for the last week or so my sweet tooth has been crying out "Don't forget me!"
So I got ready. Oh boy.
Besides the gooey butter cake  I planned on getting a dozen doughnuts from a new bakery in town because I had a 1/2 off coupon, but they had closed before I could get there. I wanted to go to Gandolfo's and get a slice of their chocolate mousse cake, but they close early on weekdays. Bummer. So I went to Ridley's and got a slice of their cookies and cream cake. I've had it before and it was delicious! Except I noticed they were skimping on the cookies and cream frosting and only frosting the sides with plain white frosting! Wha... why? Oh and I got peanut butter cups. 
I ate those first and they seemed more sweet than I remembered, but I wasn't too concerned about it.
Then I tried the cake. I got three bites into it and couldn't take anymore. It was too sweet and too rich.
And because I couldn't think clearly since I was stunned at how little sweets I could handle I tried out the gooey butter cake which was hiding in it's container at the bottom of my purse. :)
.... two tastes later I put it back. 

This was way too much sugar!
We had a coupon for free crazy bread that the girls got at the Highland Fling so we bought a $5 hot 'n ready and got our bread. That was pretty good. I missed bread. Garlicy bread. 
Then I had some Cotton Candy ice cream that Ben was nice enough to save for me. 
That was GOOD! Better than I remembered. You've got to try this stuff, it's a "new" flavor from great value.
Then Ben started making a coconut cream pie. I thought it would be pretty mild compared to the rich chocolate cake and the sickly sweet gooey butter cake. 
While making the custard (from scratch) he came over to give me a taste. 
I tasted it and whoa! It was good, but it was intense! So sweet! 
But it was just custard, it didn't even have the coconut in it yet. Well, he came back two more times to give me tastes and it was like a shock to my system! 

After waiting a while and drinking lots of fluids I had a piece of pie. It wasn't too bad that time. I really liked it. But I learned that this diet has curbed my appetite for sugar. I really just wanted something that was very mildly sweet that I could eat a lot of and enjoy. Like the pumpkin roll, or the apple pie that I had in Kentucky that my sister bought from her Amish friends. Oh, I still dream about those baked goods.
Now that stuff is truly home made.

So my sweet tooth got a beating, and I learned my lesson. Next carb night I'm taking it a little easier.