Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's a new me! Well, it will be.

So, Last week I made two goals. Wow, "goals" that sounds way too committed for me, let's just say I started a couple things. ;)

1) First, I realized that I wear more makeup than necessary. And I was listening to this sweet country song (sorry if you don't like country, but I love it!). There was one part where the guy sang something about his wife looking the best to him when she was just in the kitchen with no makeup on. So, I thought to myself "I can look good without makeup on, right?" Well, sadly it's kind of an addiction for me. It's just so fun to doll up and get creative with it! But, I don't wanna be dependent on it. What if there was some kind of disaster like an earthquake or tornado; I couldn't just run to the local mall and get more concealer, haha. So, I decided to change. Here's my plan:

In 14 days I'm going to gradually wear less makeup everyday 'till the last day I'll hardly wear any at all. I was gonna go for none, but Ben does like a little eye makeup on me so just a little, itsy, bitsy, bit. I started last Thursday, so I'll be finishing in another week, the 27th.

2) Ben and I started on a diet together. It's 11 days long. We're on day #4 today. So, by next Thursday I shall also be slimmer, and will hopefully fit into my old jeans! Of course I'm not JUST dieting, I'm walking some mornings with friends of mine too. Can't just do one, darn it. :(

So, I wanna document how it goes here on my blog. I'll take some pictures and all that good stuff and share with you the experience of those "things I started" not "goals" ;)


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where were you 2 years ago? I was... the highlight of my life. Ben and I were married May 10, 2008.
Two years, already? Yep. Two very wonderful years!

Here's our love story:
Ben and I met in August 2007, right after I moved to Arizona. He was friends with Adriana, who was then my new roommate, and several other friends that I made.
The second person I met in Arizona was Kilee. So that I could get to know people here she kindly took me to a birthday dinner that was going on for one of the girls in our ward. We went to Texas Roadhouse and that's where the magic all started.
I was sitting on a bench with some of the girls waiting for our table, and whoever was sitting next to me moved to talk to someone, and after Ben came in he came and sat by me. We chatted, and I remember thinking "Wow, he's really handsome. He must be the cool, good looking guy of the group." After we got to our table we chatted some more, and I asked him where he was from. He told me "Rosamond, California. You wouldn't know it."
I said "Yes, I know where that is."
"No you don't." He said dismissively.
"Joshua trees!" I said really snotty back to him. Hahaha!
Turned out that we had a mutual friend of sorts. Ben's older brother, Paul, married the sister of my old boyfriend. That boyfriend and his family used to live in Rosamond, and he would always talk about the Joshua trees there, so that's how I knew.
"Small world." Ben said.
"Small Mormon world." I said back. 'Cause it seems that all Mormons know someone another Mormon knows, haha.

And after that we were friends. We got to know each other better and better as time went on, and I became one of the group. Actually it was a group of guys. Ben, John, and James. We all hung out most nights together. Probably because they asked me to be in an 80's music video remake they were going to do.

Photo from the time of the "Saigon Kick Movie"

Yep, if you never saw the movie. Sad day, you're missing out. And youtube took it down because the song was copyw.....I don't know why exactly, they're just mean. Just kidding.

So after a while Ben finally asked me out and we had a great time together. Then two weeks of agony pass (while we're seeing each other almost everyday), and he finally asks me out again. That night we started dating. After three months:

Sorry I didn't photoshop our eyes first. It's Sunday, and I'm feeling lazy.

We were engaged. Ben and I went out to our star-gazing spot we have in the desert and after our Valentine's dinner Ben popped the question. It was perfect. Under the stars in the wilderness, on a beautiful clear night. So great!
Three months later:

We were married!

What a good day! But as I tell Ben all the time; it wasn't the best day of my life, but every day afterwards has been.
For our Honeymoon we went to Cancun and had a blast at the beach, and touring the ruins.

It's hard to believe that so much time has gone by when it feels like we just got married yesterday. In my opinion we still act like newlyweds. Like going crazy happy when he gets come from work. Playing and laughing all the time. We've hardly had a real fight, in fact I don't think we've ever really "fought" with each other. We disagree on stuff, but we never yell or get really angry. We're just too crazy in love! ;)

Ben, it's been an amazing ride so far, and I can't wait for the rest of it! Be patient with me. I know I'm kinda crazy, kind of a nerd, and loosing my memory more every day, but I love you and I'm looking forward to forever with you!
Happy Anniversary!


I'm a bad blogger. I know it. I have so many pictures and things to post right now from two different trips, and, etc. But at least I know this about myself right? That I put things off.
Well, this blog has become a little like my journal. I have major events that I feel too overwhelmed to write about, but when I have a special little moment I want to share it and it forgoes everything.

I just have to say that I love, love, love the little moments in life. Precious moments, I guess ;)
There are some things that I determine to do in my life and I remember it forever. There have been a lot, from many different ages, but I do always remember hearing "They grow so fast", you've heard it too. From...everyone. And "cherish every moment, time goes so fast" Too true!

So, throughout my life I've tried to 'cherish the precious moments'. Sure, as a single lady (all the single ladies, all the single ladies) *sorry for the outburst of song, but you know you were thinking it too ;)*
Anyway, as a single lady I remember trying to cherish a lovely sunset, or time spent with good friends. And I did. And it was great. BUT, it's been so much easier to cherish the wonderful moments since I've been married and also since having a sweet baby girl. I guess they just mean so much more to me, as they should, you know.

Cherished moments I get everyday:

*Rowan's laughter as I toss her around and tickle her.
*Rowan's smile when I catch her discovering something new,...or something that she's just discovered she's capable of. (Like climbing to her feet)
*Ben's smile when he gets home from work and sees Rowan and I waiting for him.
*Rowan's smile when she sees Daddy coming home from work.
*My smile when I see them smile. :)
*Putting Rowan down for bed and her laying down sweetly and pulling the covers over her face.
*Breathing in the fresh air and sunshine in this pretty desert.

Cherished moments I had today:

*Watching others give love to Rowan at church.
*Rowan making me angry by tossing around while I tried to change her diaper (I cherished it later).
*Getting Rowan up from her too short of a nap and her just letting me hold her for a few minutes. (this is very rare for this child who never stops looking and squirming around so curiously all the time, and it may or may not have brought a tear to my eye)
*Ben laughing and playing with Rowan while she tried to use her new found 'claws' to take his nose off. Haha, he's a good sport.
*Ben realizing that he lives in a house with "a bunch of women". Guess we need some testosterone in here ;) (that was a funny moment)
*And one I'll cherish later today: laying down to go to sleep.

And I'm not just saying that these are things that are good about my day, and later I think "that was nice." I really do try to take a second in that very moment and try to remember it and cherish it.

Just my thoughts :)