Friday, August 13, 2010

Was I in the Twilight Zone?

I just have to tell somebody about what happened today, it was so weird. K, not that weird, but it was weird enough that I have to tell someone, or think that I've gone crazy!

I was driving home from taking Ben to work. I got to an intersection where I have to turn left. There's almost a full "non-lane" between me and the cars about to go straight so I don't really know if there's any there. I'm not really looking. And I'm waiting 'cause it's red.

Then the light turns green and there's no cars in the intersection. So, naturally I pull forward a bit into the middle of the intersection waiting for the cars coming towards me to go ahead, then I'll turn left after they all go. 'Cause as we all know, if my light is green so is their's. That's how it usually works in this intersection that I drive through about 10 times a week. Then after the light turns back to red I have a green arrow. BUT....

there I am, the ONLY CAR in the intersection. No cars are moving, going. I look to my right and notice one car that would be turning left and cutting right in front of me, but they're not really in the intersection, just kind of. So I start to back up a little 'cause I'm freaked out that no cars are going. I double check the light....yeah it's green! So why is no one moving?!?! So, after a few seconds I decided that the cars THAT SHOULD be coming towards me have seen me and will probably not try to run into me if I take my chance and make my turn. So I did. There.... all was well again. But what the heck happened???

It was like the Twilight Zone. I seriously thought for a moment everyone had frozen in time but me! Or, what else? I do not know. Weird, weird voodoo I'm sure.

That's my story.